The Benefits of Plant Hire

At Mteevan Hire, we know that some of your bigger projects are going to need bigger tools, and that means either plant hire or buying. But we also know that buying plant equipment won’t be in every person or company’s best interests. This is where the benefits of plant hire come in.

We pride ourselves on excellent service, great support and affordable prices when it comes to plant hire. You and your firm can have the quality equipment you need, with none of the hassle. We’ve listed some of the benefits of plant hire over buying below.

1. It’s Cost-Effective

Bobcat Construction Machine benefits of plant hire

One of the best reasons to hire rather than buy is how much money you and your firm can save. Purchase costs for machinery can be expensive, and taking out loans or hire-purchase agreements are not always practical. They also require regular payments, which can have an impact on your budget. Hiring instead of buying means you only pay for what you need, when you need it. Buying can also mean paying for insurance or for the upkeep of machinery, but hiring takes that out of your hands.

2. There’s no Worries Over Maintenance

If you didn’t want to pay for someone else to fix and maintain your bought equipment, you would have to repair and keep it in a good condition yourself. Many machines require regular maintenance, which takes up your time and is not easy for everybody to do. Hiring instead of buying means that this is taken care of by the company, meaning you don’t have to worry about it.

3. The Equipment Will be High Quality

forklift benefits of plant hireTo afford equipment yourself, or to keep to a budget given by a firm, you may have to resort to buying second-hand. The equipment could be out of date compared to newer models, the condition could be questionable, and it might not be as reliable as the latest machines. Plant hire prevents this. Equipment loaned to you by a company will be quality-checked by professionals, so you’ll know it is in full working order. It could also mean the world of difference in the quality of work at the end of your project.

4. The Selection Will be Greater

Choosing machinery to hire from a company means getting access to their full range. Buying, and usually buying second-hand, means you get only what the seller has available, which may be limited right down to selling just one piece of equipment. You may end up having to use it for a project it isn’t designed for, which could result in subpar work or break your new purchase. Companies loaning equipment can advise you and let you pick exactly what you need.

5. There’s no Need for Storage

Digger benefits of plant hireWhen buying equipment, you also have to think about where you’ll store it once you have it. Large machines take up a lot of space, so you would have to have extra room for them on your site. Over £70m worth of equipment is stolen each year from construction sites in the UK, meaning you would also have to make sure your equipment was kept somewhere with extremely tight security. Hiring cuts out these worries, as the machinery will be delivered to where it needs to go, and can be sent back again afterwards.

6. You Won’t Lose Money by Having to Sell

Once you have bought plant equipment, eventually you might start thinking about selling it. With this, you may also start thinking about how much you’ll make for it. Unfortunately, the value of machinery drops once it is bought and paid for, meaning you will never make back what you originally paid. One of the benefits of plant hire is that you will not be keeping it, which means you will not have to worry about selling.

7. It’s Flexible Service for You

excavator hire

You can be far more flexible with construction projects by hiring plant equipment, rather than buying. If plans change in the middle of work, you might find you don’t have something you need to finish the job. This can suspend the whole project while you try to find the right tool. You may have also wasted money on equipment you didn’t need. By hiring, you can pick and choose what equipment you need and when you need it, and that includes during a project.

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