Ladder Hire Services in London

Here at M. Teevan Hire, we understand that often it is difficult to work in construction and find somewhere reasonably priced to store your tools. From worrying about dents to your budget in order to afford a secure storage space, to worrying about security on your own site if you choose to keep your tools and equipment there. This is why we began our tool and equipment hire company in London some 30 years ago.

Our tool hire services allow customers, both construction workers and DIY-ers, from all over London and the surrounding areas to hire the tools they need to get the job done, and this includes being able to hire anything they need from our range of ladders.

Are You in Need of Ladder Hire in London?

Are you working on a building project in London? Do you need to hire a ladder in order to get the job done? There is no need to worry if you suddenly find yourself without one ‒ we can have you covered! We have a variety of ladders for hire to help you reach new heights (pun intended).

All our ladders are available to hire for days or weeks at a time – they are even available to hire on the weekend! Our loaned ladders also come in various sizes, including step ladders, to assist you on your latest project, no matter what that might be.

Whether you need ladder hire in North London or ladder hire in South London, we can provide what you need and we will be with you every step of the way.

The Ladder Hire Options We Offer

At M. Teevan, we offer various ladder hire options to all our customers in London and the surrounding areas. The prices for our ladder services depend on the type of ladder you are hiring, but it will also vary depending on how long you wish to hire the ladder for. For instance, hiring a longer ladder for a week will cost more than hiring a shorter ladder for two days.

Which you choose should depend on your project and the job you need it for, but all of our hired ladders are cost effective compared to the cost of buying, storing and then having to re-sell a high quality ladder.

You can choose to go higher than ever before with the extendable ladders we have available for hire. These ladders are designed to extend to the furthest reaches of your new build, helping you to complete jobs around gutters and the roof of your project.

Strong and reliably sturdy, these ladders can hold firm while you place tiles or attach downward drain pipes, letting you get the job done quickly and safely.

For a triple or extension ladder hire in London, the rental options we have available are:

  • One Week: £40.00
  • One Day: £20.00
  • Two Days: £25.00
  • Three Days: £30.00
  • Weekends: £25.00

Alternatively, you can also choose to hire one of our step ladders. These might not be as tall as the long ladders we have for hire, but they are just as sturdy and are perfect for completing interior jobs on your project.

If you want to be able to reach light fittings that need electrical work, or if you are plastering, painting and decorating the walls and ceilings to complete your new build, then one of our step ladders is exactly what you need to hire.

For step ladder hire in London, the options we have available are:

  • One Week: £22.00
  • One Day: £11.00
  • Two Days: £15.00
  • Three Days: £18.00
  • Weekends: £15.00

Our Dedication to Tool Hire in London

We are dedicated to providing unrivalled tool hire services to our customers throughout London. Whether you need to hire a hammer to finish that treehouse you’re building, or you need to hire an excavator for a big commercial job in the city centre, we have you covered!

We have a huge selection of tools available for hire and we are bound to have the tool you need to get the job done.

What Makes Us the Best Tool Hire Company in London?

Here at M. Teevan, we don’t simply offer tool hire services, we also thoroughly inspect every tool upon its return from a job before it is placed back on the shelf. We believe that it’s our attention to detail and customer care that makes us different from other tool hire companies.

When a tool is returned to us, we send it through a thorough inspection where it is checked for any damages, faults, checked for usage and properly cleaned and repaired. This means that when you hire a tool from us, you can be sure it will work efficiently and properly.

What’s more, our professionals are available to answer any questions you have. So, whether you’re new to tool hire and you don’t have a clue which tool you need for your project, or you’ve hired tools from us multiple times before, our team of experts are here to answer your questions.

Give us a call today and let us help you with your tool hire needs, whether you need ladder hire in East London, West London, or anywhere in between.

Call Us Today for All Your Tool Hire Requirements

If you would like to hire one of our many ladders, call us today. We would be more than happy to discuss your hire requirements, advise you on the best ladder hire option for your needs, and provide you with a ladder that is hired for the appropriate amount of time.

When this time is up, we can take back our loaned equipment, leaving you with the satisfaction of the next part of your job done, and done well.

To find out more about our ladder hire services, call the team at M. Teevan today.