Gardening Tool Hire in London

Here at Mteevan Hire, we know how important gardening hire tools in London are. Space can be limited in London properties, so there’s nothing customers want less than storing landscaping equipment on their properties. And that’s why we at Mteevan Hire provide gardening tool hire for customers throughout London.

About Mteevan Hire Services in London

Have you been searching for a gardening tool hire service in London? If you have, Mteevan Hire are the tool hire company for you. We provide all the gardening tools you need to complete your commercial or domestic gardening and landscaping project.

Mteevan Hire are proud to be a family-run business with a passion for providing high-quality tool hire services at surprisingly low prices. Thanks to the loyalty of our London-based companies, we are thriving in the tool hire industry and earning a reputation as one of the highest-quality tool hire companies in London.

Our Variety of Gardening Tool Hire Choices

Here at Mteevan Hire, we aim to provide our customers in London with all the gardening tools they need to get the job done. That’s why we provide the following gardening tool hire in London:

Turf Cutter

Turf cutters are the most effective way to remove large areas of turf in preparation for gardening landscaping.

Stump Griner

If you need to drive fence posts into the ground, grin up tree stumps, or blow away those autumn leaves on your lawn, the stump grinder is the tool you need!

Electric Shredder

Chippers and shredders are ideal for reducing wood into chips or sawdust – a great space-saver and a great source of garden mulch.


This garden tool is ideal for preparing the ground for planting and is extremely easy to use.

Rotary Lawn Mower

Mowing the lawn is a chore for many of us, particularly if you have a large lawn! However, our Rotary Lawn Mower makes the job easy. With a powerful motor and an adjustable cutting deck, this lawn mower is ideal for restoring overgrown lawns.

Mteevan Hire are The Most Trusted Tool Hire Company in London

Mteevan Hire are proud to be one of the most trusted tool hire companies in London. We proudly support our customers through all their tool hire needs, advising on the best tool for the job, answering any questions, and educating customers on how to use the tools. We believe it is our attention to detail that has helped us gain such as positive reputation in London and we are proud of our high level of service.

At Mteevan Hire we provide attention to detail in all the tools we hire out. Every tool that is returned to us goes through a thorough inspection process where our experts check for any faults or damages with the tools, and clean and repair any tools that need it. This inspection process ensures that every tool we hire out is available to our customers in the best condition possible.

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If you would like to know more about our gardening tool hire services, here at Mteevan hire, give us a call today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, advise you on the best tool for the job, and discuss prices and hiring options with you. Call us today for more information on our gardening tool hire services!