Garden Tool Hire

We know that not every work project our customers carry out will be focused on buildings and interiors. Many people come to us looking for hired tools in order to carry out gardening and landscaping work, needing the best equipment possible to get their land looking the way they want it. They may also need the tools in order to prepare a lot before any building work can take place. 

We want our customers to be able to complete their projects to the highest possible standards, which is why we aim to help by offering the highest quality garden tools available in London and the surrounding areas. 

From removing turf in order to lay pipes or cables, to removing tree stumps or getting rid of garden waste, M. Teevan Hire are here for you. Our garden tools list below can show you a range of the best gardening tools on the market, explaining which piece of equipment will help you the most for your intended work. Take a look at our range, and if you are going to carry out gardening work on land in the near future, contact us today.

If you have any questions about the equipment we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch ‒ our staff are always on hand to provide an answer.

Turf Cutter Hire

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Our turf cutters are the easiest and most efficient way of removing large areas of turf in a short amount of time, preparing an area for landscaping and gardening projects, as well as other practical jobs like cable and pipe laying. 

With a powerful engine and hard-wearing blades that work quickly and easily without damaging the sections it will leave behind, this petrol turf cutter also boasts variable depth settings, so you will be able to carry out work on a wide variety of lawn types.

Each of our turf cutters also has an adjustable handle and engage lever, helping to make them easy to operate even if this is your first time using one. 

Stump Grinder Hire

garden tool hire These tools are perfect for removing tree stumps left over after you have felled trees on your property, or even if the stumps were there before and you have to get rid of them to begin your work. No matter how large or small the stump on your property is, you will find that our grinders for hire are ideal for getting rid of them entirely. 

Our stump grinders are around the size of lawn mowers, giving you the freedom of easy manoeuverability while never compromising on operator safety.

You can quickly and safely grind up unwanted tree stumps in no time at all with our hired grinders, leaving your space clear for the next stage of your project to begin.

Garden Shredder Hire

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The electric garden shredders we provide are the perfect solution for what to do with leftover garden waste, such as tree cuttings and branches that have been cut back, or even entire tree trunks if the situation requires it. Reducing leftover wood into chips or sawdust will make it easier to transport and dispose of, and can even save you money on compost or mulch if you choose to use the reduced waste on your heap.

Our products are best suited for shredding light garden waste, but they are ready for any demanding garden task that you need completed quickly and efficiently. 

Rotavator Hire

garden tool hireIt can be a difficult task to prepare the ground for sowing seeds and planting flowers, bushes or trees. This is why you need powerful equipment, if you want to get the job done well. 

When you use one of our 5hp petrol driven rotators with stainless steel blades, you will be able to lift and separate the soil with ease, helping you turn your land over and breaking it down to allow air to reach it. This can assist you with a number of later projects once the work is complete, as aerating the soil allows plants to grow more quickly.

All the rotavators we hire out are easy to use and can save you money on labour costs that would have been spent hiring more people and tools to dig the soil up by hand.

Rotary Lawn Mower Hire

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This kind of lawn mower has one very high speed rotating blade underneath, cutting the grass on impact and gathering up the cuttings in a collection box situated at the rear of the tool. With this professional quality rotary mower, you will find that cutting your grass has never been easier. To help with overgrown lawns, the cutting deck is also adjustable, so you can trim down any area of land that you want and the grass will be made more manageable. 

Our rotary lawn mowers are just what you need for any size lawn, with any type of grass available.

Garden Tool Hire in London

By choosing us when you are looking for tools used for gardening, you are ensuring that your project will go as swiftly, smoothly and efficiently as you need to. Our garden tools are top of the range and kept in excellent condition so that they will be ready to use when they reach your site. All you have to do is call us and rent out what you would like.

We will be more than happy to help you get exactly what you need to carry out your landscaping work, so you can be one step closer to getting your land the way you want it to be. Get in touch with us today and one of our team members can discuss what you need done on your property, before you hire the product that will work best for your 

Why Choose Us?

All of our hired products will always be cleaned, repaired and maintained before we send them out to any location, so you know you will be getting the product you are being promised when you call to order. This ensures that your project can be completed to the highest standards possible, because you will be using exactly the right equipment for the job;

Hiring from us will also save you money in the long term, as you will only be hiring our garden tools for the time that you need them, and not having to pay for overall repair or maintenance. There will also be no need to worry about storage or security once the job is complete, because we will simply take our products back. This will save you time, trouble and money that would have been spent (and lost) in trying to sell the tools on again. 

Get in Touch

If you are in need of high quality and efficient garden tools from a reliable, professional firm that you know you can trust, contact M. Teevan Hire today. We are passionate about what we do and we know you are passionate about your work, so we will do everything we can to see that your landscaping project is completed to your standards. 

Call us today and we can help you find the garden tool that will help you get the job done.