Wacker Plate Hire in London

We provide wacker plate hire in London at affordable prices. These machines are ideal for compacting sand, soil, gravel, asphalt, and more. So, whether you’re working on a DIY project or a large-scale construction site, hiring a wacker plate is essential. We stock a wide range of wacker plates for hire in London.

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What is a Wacker Plate?

A wacker plate is a piece of machinery used primarily in construction to compact loose gravel, sandy areas, or uneven soil gradients, evening ground and making it safe for the laying of solid paving material.

Plate compactors come in a variety of different designs. However, the core design of the machine is a heavy, flat plate that rests on the ground when the machine is turned off. The plate can then be driven or vibrated up and down, powered by either a diesel engine or gasoline. A wacker plate is absolutely essential in paving and construction work.

Why are Wacker Plates Used?

Wacker plate hireWacker plates are absolutely essential for compacting and evening out ground prior to the installation of paving or flooring of some kind. If the ground is not properly compacted, it can cause serious problems in the laying of flooring.

For example, if the ground is not properly compacted, it can shift with changes in the weather, exposing it to water, freezing, and pressure from foot traffic and vehicles. This can lead to unsafe, uneven, and broken surfaces.

How Do Wacker Plates Work?

Wacker plates work very simply. As the machine runs along the ground, the heavy plate at the bottom moves quickly up and down. The combination of these rapid impacts and the weight of the plate forces the soil underneath to compact together very tightly.

Depending on the type of ground material, it may be beneficial to add some moisture to the soil prior to using the plate compactor. Generally, only two to four passes over the soil are generally sufficient to achieve proper compaction.

Why You Should Hire Our Wacker Plates

wacker plate hireAt Mteevan Hire, we provide all the wacker plate rental options you need to complete your project to the highest possible standard. Our wacker plates are extremely durable and of the highest quality. If you need to level ground, whether sand or soil, our wacker plate compactor can help. It’s easy to manoeuvre and comfortable to work with. It’s the ideal tool for levelling your space.

Safe and Effective Tool Hire

Our vibrating compactors feature large handles that are made for comfort of use and help reduce the dangerous effects of fatigue and hand-arm vibration on the operator. Thanks to these features, you can work safely and comfortably to get your levelling job done without doing yourself any damage.

What’s more, these wacker plates are made to conveniently fit into the back of a van, so they can be easily transported around the various places you may be working.

The Best Wacker Plate Hire Service in London

If you are looking for wacker plate hire london at affordable prices, you’ve come to the right place – Mteevan Hire are the company for you! We have dedicated the last 30 years to our customers in London and the surrounding areas, providing high-quality and reliable tool and plant hire in the UK.

Quality Customer Service is Our Top Priority

Wacker plate hire in LondonAs a London based company, our priority is providing a tool hire service that caters to the individual needs of each individual customer.. Whether it’s providing even the smallest of tools for the job, advising customers on the best tools for their projects, or helping individuals with their plant hire needs, we do it all.

We are proud to provide wacker plate hire services throughout London. Whether you’re looking for compactor wacker plate hire, mini wacker plate hire, electric wacker plate hire, or vibrating wacker plate hire, we have the equipment you need.

Why We are London’s Trusted Wacker Plate Hire Company

Standing the test of time and being the best tool hire company in a city as big as London is a difficult job. But we believe we offer our customers a service that’s a little bit different to most. Every time one of our customers returns a tool they have hired, it goes through inspection for any faults or damages and, if needed, it is repaired, cleaned, and then placed back on our shelves for future hire jobs.

At Mteevan Hire, we aim to keep our wacker plate hire service prices competitive. Our team are always working hard to better the competition and we truly believe that our wacker plate hire services are second to none. Call us today to hire from us and discover the benefits of our services for yourself.

How Much is it to Hire a Wacker Plate?

Wacker plate hire for constructionIf you want to know the cost of hiring a wacker plate, give us a call. We would be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you and let you know how much your hire will cost. This is a no-obligation conversation, however because our prices are so affordable and our wacker plates such high-quality, we doubt you’ll be able to turn down our fantastic offer!