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bottled gas hire london

Do you need bottled gas for your commercial project? Do you need it fast? Do you need the highest quality bottled gas available in London? Then you’ve come to the right place. We provide bottled gas to our customers throughout London.

  • We supply the bottled gas you need
  • Professional advice
  • Affordable solution
  • You don’t need to worry about storage
  • Bottled gas has a variety of uses

We are Mteevan Hire, one of the leading bottled gas hire companies in the UK. We have been supplying customers around the country with high-quality bottled gas for well over 30 years. So, whatever type of bottled gas you require, it’s likely we supply it.

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What is Bottled Gas Used For?

Bottled gas is used in numerous ways but Mteevan commonly supplies it to customers who require it for commercial and agricultural purposes. Some of these may include heating applications, such as cooking and heating.

It is often used as a propellant, refrigerant, vehicle fuel and petrochemical feedstock. Generally speaking, bottled gas has hundreds maybe even thousands of uses, including:

  • Steam boilers
  • Ovens
  • Forklifts
  • Hot air balloons
  • Transport
  • And many more!

Mteevan are Tool Hire Specialists

Here at Mteevan Hire, we are one of the leading bottled gas hire companies in the UK. We have been supplying customers around the country with high-quality bottled gas for well over 30 years. So, whatever type of bottled gas you require, it’s likely we can supply it.

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What is Bottled Gas?

Bottled gas is a general term used for substances that are gaseous at standard temperature and pressure and have also been compressed and stored in various metal containers. Some of the most common include:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Composite metal bottles (known as gas cylinders)

How Does Bottled Gas Work?

bottled gas hire london

Bottled gas must always be stored under pressure, as a liquid in a bottle capable of withstanding this pressure (such as one of the metals listed above).

It will return to a gas vapour when you release the pressure of the bottle by turning your appliance. So, be wary when transporting it to ensure you don’t knock the turning wheel. It’s also important to remember that almost every use for bottled gas involves the use of the gas vapour, not liquefied gas.

Mteevan and Flogas Hiring London

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Mteevan has chosen Flogas as their dedicated gas hire provider due to their trusted reputation in the energy business. Flogas have been supplying trusted alternative energy solutions to domestic and commercial customers within the UK for over 30 years. Flogas supply bottled gas ranging from Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to top of the range solar PV systems and wind turbines.


Propane Gas for Hire | London

Propane is a gas at standard temperature and pressure, but can be compressed to a transportable liquid. Call today to find out more about propane gas, or to hire our propane canisters!

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Bottled Propane | London

11kg Propane Gas Cylinder
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Hire our Propane canisters today! At Mteevan, we stock a range of gas canisters to suit your every need. Whether its for commercial purposes or agricultural purposes.

A Guide to Propane and Butane Gas

Propane and butane gas are the most common gas cylinders on the market. Understanding the differences between propane gas and butane gas is essential, as neither gas will operate properly if they’re being stored in areas where the temperature isn’t appropriate.

Here at Mteevan, we stock both propane and butane gas in the several cylinder options, all of which can be found on our propane gas page and our butane gas page.

For more information on what gas is appropriate for your needs, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today via our contact page.

What is the Difference Between Propane and Butane Gas?

Both propane and butane gas fall under the term butane gas‘Liquefied Petroleum Gas’, which is widely used to describe various light hydrocarbons. The main difference is that propane has a lower boiling point, meaning it will still convert from a liquid to a gas, even in extremely cold conditions.

Butane, however, has a much lower vapour pressure, which makes it a good gas for residential uses (BBQs, heating appliances etc). It’s also far cheaper to use than propane gas.

Propane Lasts Longer

Both propane and butane gas are the core hydrocarbons of LPG. They’re commonly confused because both can be used for residential and industrial purposes. While both gases are extracted from petrol in oil, there are a few minor differences between the two.

As stated previously, propane has a lower boiling point than butane, which makes it a better for exterior use. This is the main reason propane becomes more suitable for many applications, such as cooking, heating, hot water and general commercial heating uses.

Propane, in short, is better for large scale jobs, as it can stored for a very long time and in very cold temperatures (ideal gas for cooking while hiking).

Both propane and butane are stored in steel cylinders (pictured below) for easy use.

Mteevan HireMteevan Hire

When to Use Butane Gas and When to Use Propane Gas

Strictly speaking, both gases can be used for similar purposes. It’s really a matter of using the appropriate pressure regulator. People usually jump to use butane because it’s cheaper than propane. Look at it this way, a bottle filled with butane contains around 12.5kg, whereas the same bottle filled with propane contains just 10.5kg.

Generally speaking, butane and propane can be used for the same jobs. However, the only major difference you need to take into account is temperature. For example, propane should not be used in doors, but if you’re placing gas cylinders outside during the winter and summer months, you need to use propane. Always remember to use butane if the temperature where you’re keeping the bottle is over 5 degrees Celsius.

Below, we’ve outlined the common areas where propane and butane gas are used:

Uses for Propane and Butane Gas

  • Patio Heaters – Propane Gas
  • BBQs – Propane or Butane Gas
  • Portable Heaters – Butane
  • DIY Use – Propane Gas
  • Outdoor Use – Propane Gas
  • Caravans – Propane and Butane Gas
  • Camping – Butane Gas
  • Ovens (Non-intense Residential/Commercial Use) – Propane Gas
  • Commercial Heating (Intense)- Propane

Remember the Difference Between Propane and Butane

Butane gasThe most important factor to remember, is the butane gas will turn to a liquid if kept in freezing temperatures, so don’t keep the cylinders outside during winter.

If you do require more information on how to use propane and butane gas safely, please feel free to get in touch with our team via our contact form, or give us a call today.