The Best Woodworking Power Tools to Hire

If you’re a beginner trying to get started with woodworking, or an experienced expert, you want to get your hands on the best woodworking power tools available. At Mteevan Hire, we stock the very best tools on the market, ensuring you have the best equipment available for hire.

We know how expensive buying woodworking power tools can be and that’s why we are proud to offer tools for hire at affordable prices. With the right tools for your next woodworking task, you can tackle a number of projects. Discover the best woodworking power tools available for hire below.

1. The Circular Saw

Woodworking power tools the circular sawThere is no woodworking power tool that is more versatile than the circular saw. If you want accuracy and a tool that is easy to use, look no further. The circular saw is incredibly easy to use and provides an accurate cut. If you want a tool that is versatile and can cope with a number of your woodworking projects, the circular saw is definitely for you.

2. The Jigsaw Power Tool

For the beginner, the Jigsaw is a woodworking power tool ideal for any number of projects. More accurate than ever before, the Jigsaw is ideal if you’re new to woodworking and are just starting to learn the ropes. You can even choose to hire an orbital-action, corded Jigsaw that is easy to use and feels comfortable to hold.

3. The Table Saw

Woodworking power tools the table sawOnce you’ve had a chance to get used to the popular handheld woodworking power tools, it is time to experience the joy of hiring the table saw. At the heart of every woodworking shop, the table saw allows you to tackle any number of woodworking projects. The table saw allows the opportunity to work on woodworking projects of various sizes and complexities, make precision cuts, and complete projects with more ease than ever before.

4. The Surface Planer

Hiring a surface planer is one of the several tools you will need if you want to successfully square and mill rough lumber. A surface planer also has another helpful function, which is to reduce the thickness of the board. So, a surface planer can be used as both a thickness planer, as well as a surfacer, if you use the planer properly. Good surface planers skim off 1/16 inch of wood, which is remarkably thin. And a high-quality surface planer will achieve this with high accuracy and without fatigue.

5. Woodworking Drill Press

Woodworking power tools drill press

If you work with wood regularly, it’s likely you have a drill press already. But if you’re new to woodworking, you need to know that a drill press is an essential woodworking tool. Why do you need a drill press, you ask? Well, if you have a lot of drilling to do, a drill press allows you to carry it out accurately, drilling straight holes whether you are only drilling a couple of holes, or you have over a hundred to drill. What’s more, with a drill press you can adjust the speed control and the drill bits can be swapped out. The drill press is a versatile power tool that makes everything about working with wood that much easier.

6. The Band Saw

Another extremely versatile woodworking power tool, the band saw can deliver all sorts of contours and wood forms that few other power tools can achieve. The band saw is perfect when you need to saw wood into smaller pieces and it is one of the most popular woodworking power tools available for hire. So, if you haven’t tried the band saw yet, you’re missing out!

7. The Wood Router

Woodworking power tools the wood routerThis woodworking power tool is hands-down the most powerful and versatile woodworking tool available for hire. Semi-portable, the wood router can be easily guided by the hand – making it perfect for trickier woodworking projects. Wood routers are most commonly used for making cut-outs in wood with extreme precision and also hollowing out wood. The wood router’s usage extends further than just woodworking projects, as it can be used on almost any material, from plastic to aluminium cutting.

The Woodworking Power Tools We Hire at Mteevan

Without the right woodworking tools, you will struggle to complete your woodworking project to a high standard. That’s why at Mteevan we only hire out the very best woodworking power tools available. Check out the range of woodworking, cutting, and grinding tools we hire below.


Woodworking power tools Router

Ideal for cutting grooves and rebates, creating moulds, and cutting joints, the router provides accurate results. The routers we hire our at Mteevan are available at some of the most affordable prices in the UK. So, if you need to hire a router for your next woodworking project, look no further than Mteevan Hire.

Reciprocating Saw

Woodworking power tools reciprocating saw

This versatile woodworking power tool is ideal for cutting wood accurately, even at awkward angles. Not only does the reciprocating saw cut wood accurately, but it is also the ideal power tool for cutting plastic, steel piping, and sheet materials. The reciprocating power tools we hire at Mteevan Hire are powerful and versatile, available with a fan cooled motor and working at variable speeds.

Pullover Mitre Saw

Woodworking power tools pullover mitre saw

The motorised Pullover Mitre Saw is the ideal woodworking power tool. Making quick work of accurate cuts, the Pullover Mitre Saw is relatively small and easily portable, making it easy to move around various working locations. Hire a Pullover Mitre Saw from Mteevan Hire and enjoy a soft start and removable safety button.

Plunge Saw

Woodworking power tools plunge saw

The Plunge Saw combines the benefits of a circular saw with a plunge facility. This powerful saw has a blade that can cut to a depth of 55mm. Hiring a plunge saw from Mteevan Hire means that you have a smooth and constant hand position while cutting and you can also adjust the speed of the blade while cutting.

Hire a Planer

Woodworking power tools Planer

If you’re completing any woodworking project, it is important to have a planer. A planer tool is used for smoothing rough lumber and reducing the thickness of a board. If you want to hire a planer, we provide quality planers at affordable prices.

Hire Woodworking Power Tools Today

Whenever you are working with wood, you will find that you often have to resort to a whole range of woodworking tools. Each woodworking power tool performs differently and best adapted for a particular job. So, without the very best woodworking tools for the job, it can be quite difficult to accomplish your woodworking project successfully. We hope that by going through the best woodworking power tools, we have given you an idea of the tools you need to hire for your next project.

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