What is Hired-In Plant Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

Plant hire insuranceIt can be extremely frustrating to order equipment for hire in order to complete your latest work project, only for it to break, stop working or get lost or stolen. That is why many companies have set up plans to cover their clients, by offering short term plant hire insurance.

At M. Teevan, we have had many years of experience in this industry and we know the importance of plant cover and knowing the terms of a hire agreement.

So, if you are a builder or tradesperson and you are just starting out with hiring plant equipment, but have little experience or knowledge of hired-in plant insurance, we can provide all the information you need.

Hired-In Plant Insurance

Hired-in plant insurance is a policy that ensures any plant machinery you hire from a company is protected, in case of destruction, loss or theft. Accidents can sometimes occur on building sites, resulting in breakages, and many plant hire machines are often the targets of thieves who break into sites at night, as the machines can sell for a high price. Hired-in plant insurance covers the costs needed to repair or replace the machinery if one of these things should happen.

Why You Need Hired-In Plant Insurance

Plant hire insuranceWhen you choose to hire plant from a company, you are agreeing to a business contract with that company. This means that, while you are using their hired machinery, you are personally responsible for the condition of that machinery, as well as ensuring that it is returned in good working order.

If a plant hire that you were using was to break, or be lost or stolen, and you did not have hired-in plant insurance, you would be legally obliged to replace the plant.

If you are in the middle of a work project when this happens, it is likely that you will not have money to spare to replace the machine. In order to avoid the stress of having to try and stretch your budget, it is important to make sure that you are covered.

Plant Hire Insurance Costs

Machinery insurance costs will vary, depending on who you take out your insurance with, what you are hoping to insure and how long you are planning on hiring the machinery for. For instance, a large plant, such as an 8 ton digger, will most likely cost more with daily plant hire insurance than a 1.5 ton roller with insurance that lasts for 30 days.

It may appear to be another cost on your budget, but the cover your insurance provides will be more than cost effective if something goes wrong. However, in order to save you time that would be lost on broken or stolen machinery, it is also important to make sure the plant you are hiring is in the best condition it can be, before you even think of using it on your site.

Our Own Loaned Machinery

Plant hire insuranceAs experts in the plant hire business, we know how important it is for our clients to get the best of what they want. That is why all of our loaned machinery is kept to the standards both we and our customers expect, with everything we lend out being cleaned, fixed and maintained before it is sent to help someone else complete another job.

With our plant hire service, you will have less of a need to worry about our machines breaking when it is being used properly, as we will make sure that everything is in top working order before it gets to you. This means there will be less of a chance that you will have to take out your insurance policy owing to damage, therefore saving you money and keeping you fully covered until the end of your hire lease.

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