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Medium/Heavy Breakers 110V – 240V
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Medium electric hammer used for breaking concrete and asphalt, bushing, driving ground rods, scraping floors, digging, and tamping. This heavy-duty tool has an in-line design which provides more comfortable use when working on floors. An excellent system of vibration absorption/reduction, reduces operator fatigue. Other features include a service reminder light, soft-grip handles.Used for breaking concrete and asphalt, bushing, driving ground rods, scraping floors, digging, and tampingComfortable and easily to use

Looking for Breaker Hire Service in London?

Here at Mteevan, we’re always looking to help more people in London complete their dream projects, that’s why we’ve dedicated the last 30 years to ensuring our tool hire business in London is second to none.

Our family-run business has a strong focus on supplying customers in London with the tools they require to carry-out their individual projects. Thanks to both our loyal and new customers, our business has been able to thrive over the years.

Our Breaker Hire London Service

breaker hire londonOne of our main priorities at Mteevan is catering to our client’s individual needs. Whether it’s giving advice on the best tool for the job, or helping them choose what tool would be appropriate to complete their construction project, we like to think we’re a part of their creative process. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, if we’re able to supply quality tools to our customers and keep them happy, we’ve done our job!

Why We’re London’s Trusted Breaker Hire Company

breaker hire londonEvery time a customer returns one of our tools, it goes through a thorough inspection procedure. Each machine is, inspected for any faults or damages, tried and tested, cleaned and then placed back on our shelves.

We also try to keep our breaker hire prices competitive. We understand that the market is competitive and we’re always working towards bettering our competitors.

Our Breaker Hire Options

Our only breaker option is the Makita HM 110-240v.

Mteevan HireThe Makita HM is an incredibly effective medium/heavy breaker, perfect for breaking concrete and asphalt. It’s not as heavy or cumbersome as other breakers, making it a good medium for those looking for something with slightly more maneuverability.

It’s also good for bushing driving ground rods, scraping floors and tamping. It’s in-line design provides a more comfortable experience when working on floors. Alongside this design is a vibration dampener, meaning the recoil isn’t too harsh and won’t stray from its position.

Other features include:

  • A service reminder light
  • Soft-grip handles
  • Stabiliser

Our London hire rates:

  • 1 Week: £40.00
  • 1 Day: £22.00
  • 2 Days: £38.80
  • 3 Days: £39.60
  • Weekend: £30.80

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