Your DIY Toolkit: 10 Essential Tools You Need in Your Home

No matter who you are and where you live, every home should have a good toolkit to hand. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a £200 toolkit, it just means you should have a kit prepared if you were to ever need it!

Your Toolbox

Well, you’ll need a toolbox for all the tools I’m going to mention, won’t you? This is your most important piece of kit, so better make sure it can stand the test of time.
Look for something that’s sturdy and has the capacity to store multiple items with ease. Most toolboxes will come with various compartments that will help to keep the tools organised. Usually, the tray will pop out for your convenience.

Your 10 Essential Tools

I’m not saying that these will get you through every single DIY job, however, I do believe they should certainly become a mainstay in your toolbox. So, have a look below at what I think are the most important tools you need to have around the house.

10. Claw Hammer

An essential and an obvious one at that. A claw hammer is perfect for any situation where you need to pin something to a wall, or remove stubborn nails from their foundations.

9. Adjustable Wrench

More bespoke than a usual wrench, these are designed to suit many jobs. It’s jaws may be adjusted to fit nuts, bolts and screws of varying sizes.

8. Locking Pliers

A multipurpose gripping tool with adjustable jaws makes this item ideal for gripping pipes, and nuts. Turning the jaw will adjust it, then you press the lever to lock the jaws in position.

7. Combination Pliers

Another gripping tool that is used to pull-out different types of nails with ease. A great fit for your toolbox.

6. Flashlight

A vital tool when the power is off or for viewing in dark, tight areas.

5. Socket Wrench Set

Ideal for when you need to tighten or loosen stubborn fasteners. The 1/2- inch drive is the powerhouse of the set, followed by the 3/8-inch drive, which falls in the middle of the road for both light-duty work and bigger jobs. The 1/4-inch is usually reserved for intricate jobs, due to its smaller size.

4. Combination Square

Essential for ensuring that you don’t have wonky picture frames, or worse, internal architecture such as sills, floor panels and furniture.

3. Coping Saw

Another regular contender for the space in your toolbox, the coping saw is a thing blade stretched in a C-shaped frame used for intricate cutting. Similar to any other saw, you’d want to choose a coping saw with as many teeth on the blade as possible, as this makes for a finer and more accurate cut.

2. Side-Cutting Pliers

Known by a great many other names, these are perfect for cutting through electrical cables and for pulling the steel tape used to fish wires through walls and ceilings. Some models are labeled and rated as ‘high leverage’ meaning they can cut through tough nails and bolts.

1. Needle-Nose Pliers

Got yourself into a tight-spot? These pliers are fantastic for getting yourself out of such a situation. Working on electronics (for example) is where these pliers come in very handy indeed, as their pointed shape allows them to easily fasten wires and switches.

There we have it! That was my list of the most essential tools you need for around the house. Obviously, everyone’s DIY jobs are different, meaning the tools required for each job will differ. However, these are some of the most commonly used tools for some typical DIY jobs.