Gardening Jobs to Get Done This Summer

Summer is here, and the weather has been hot, hot, hot! With enough water, your plants will thrive, and your garden will flourish. Your garden loves the hot summer weather and it is also one of the best times to get those gardening jobs done. So, to help you start your summer off right, we are looking at some of the best gardening jobs you need to get done.

Sow Those Summer Seeds


Summer sowing is a fun time because there are so many great things you can plant, including carrots, French beans, lettuce, beetroot, and radishes. If you sow your crop during the summer, you will have a fantastic selection of crops when it comes to the end of the season.

Create New Plots


Breaking your garden into vegetable plots is a great way to organise your vegetables and keep your garden neat and tidy. It could be that you need to create new vegetable plots or beds in your garden. If so, why not hire some turf cutters to get rid of a small piece of your lawn? It’s an easy job and will have your garden looking fantastic.

Take Care of Your Lawn


Keeping your grass cut and watered is crucial for your lawn to be healthy and flourish. Maintaining your lawn can have significant benefits and when it comes to mowing the grass, the easiest way to ensure a professional finish is to hire high-quality equipment.

Here at Mteevan Hire, we have a huge range of rotary lawnmowers available for hire to help you get the job done. With adjustable cutting decks and height adjustment functions, our lawn mowers help you achieve a lawn that looks professional, neat, and tidy – ready for hosting your neighbours for that summer BBQ!

Protect Your Garden Pond

Garden Pond

During the summer it is common for garden ponds to become dehydrated and stagnant, full of decomposing material and wilting plants. So, it is crucial you keep an eye on your pond and protect it from the heat. Look out for yellowing leaves on any water-based plants and keep the water well-maintained by replenishing the pond using watering cans so that it does not evaporate or dry out completely in the hot weather.

If your pond has already been exposed to too much sun and is beyond a rescue plan, the next best option may be to drain the pond completely and then clean it out thoroughly with a pressure washer before starting to re-fill it again.

Time Your Watering Effectively

Watering Can

Watering your garden should be one of your main priorities during the summer months. However, in times of extreme heat, your garden can suffer and there may be a water shortage or a hosepipe ban. This is why it is important to use water butts and watering cans to keep your plants hydrated.

Our advice is to always water your garden first thing in the morning or last thing at night. This ensures the water does not immediately evaporate off the soil as a result of the heat, but instead hydrates your plants effectively by getting right to the roots.

Break Up the Soil for Planting

Soil, Field

To get your garden ready for planting, it is a great idea to break up the soil. In the hot weather, it is best to get the job done as quickly as possible and using a rotavator will help speed up the process significantly. Breaking up the soil helps get your garden ready for all the planting you’re going to do.

Prune Hedges and Tidy Up


Get your garden looking presentable by pruning the hedges and tidying up. Pruning back hedges and tidying up flower beds can significantly affect the aesthetic of your outside space. Regular maintenance like this is also great for the health and well-being of your plants and the flourishing of your flowers. So, get those sheers out and starting pruning!

Mteevan Hire Available for Your Gardening Needs

Here at Mteevan Hire we have an extensive range of gardening and landscaping tools available for hire that help you transform your garden during the summer. If you would like to check out the tools we have available that you can use to get gardening jobs done this summer, check out our tool hire page.
Furthermore, we have a variety of helpful tips, advice, and DIY suggestions available on our company blog. Discover all the advice and help you need, from how to renovate a garden, to how to work construction equipment. Here at Mteevan Hire, we provide all the help, advice, and support you need to get your gardening jobs done this summer.