5 Amazing Buildings Constructed in Record Time

Here a MTeevan Hire Ltd, we are always interested in discovering new buildings that have been constructed around the world. Of course, it is important to remember that no job should ever be rushed – especially a job as important as a new building! However, when you have the man-power, the tools and the architects, there is nothing you cannot achieve. And these 5 buildings certainly prove that the sky is the limit. Check out my five favourites – I couldn’t decide who should have the winning spot.

Mini Sky City: Changsha, China 

Mini Sky City in Changsha, China is one of the most incredible feats of engineering ever recorded. Built by Broad Sustainable Building and headed up by architect Zhang, this giant 57-storey building was completed in just 19 days. The building was finished by 1,200 workers and is comprised of 800 homes. It was built at a staggering speed of three floors per day.

Zhang’s construction method is to assemble factory-made steel modules and slot them together. Not only is this fast, but it is also safe, cheap and efficient. The steel is delivered to one of Broad Group’s six giant hanger-like factories, where it is cut by machines and welded into sections (such as a column, crossbeam or floor section). The completed pieces are then loaded onto lorries and driven to the building site, where they are slotted into place, bolted and welded together.

However, while speed is impressive, many people question how buildings erected in short periods of time could be safe. Zhang quells fears, stating that he was encouraged to improve building safety after the devastating earthquake in 2008, which sadly took the lives of over 90,000 people, leaving almost five million people homeless. The destruction was everywhere and people were appalled by how easily their homes came crashing down around them. Since then, Zhang made it his life’s mission to construct homes for people that were safe.

Zhang hopes that, one day, his company will construct most of the world’s buildings. But for now, he is using safe and efficient construction to change the face of China.

Heijmans ONE: The 1-Day House 

Many people dream of building their own home but the thought of price, planning permission and time is generally off-putting. So, what if you could build your own home in one day? With the need for cost-effective, traditional housing to keep up with an increasing population, the need for housing has never been higher. This has prompted a Netherlands construction company to think outside the box and develop its new concept home, Heijmans ONE.

Heijmans ONE is a prefabricated home constructed of solid wooden frames and solar panels, making it not only efficient in construction time but also in energy usage. The home consists of a single bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room and even an outside patio for that extra added luxury. This home can be set up in a single home, giving people a space of their own at a moment’s notice.

This project was developed with the growing population in mind and helps serve young professionals fighting for the funds to get their own property.

30-Storey Hotel: Changsha, China 

China is once again mentioned on this list, as they have some of the fastest construction times in the world. The Broad Sustainable Building has again pulled off an impressive architectural achievement with the construction of a 30-storey hotel in Changsha which was completed in just 15 days.

Broad Sustainable Building specialise in sustainable architecture and pride themselves in the efficiency of their company. Broad Sustainable Building works hard to eliminate risks of accidents, pollution and delays, completing this project without one injured worker. With over 93% of the building developed off site and a company that prides itself in environmentally friendly resources, safe workers and speed, this method of construction could be the future of architecture.

The 30-storey hotel was built to withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake and the China Academy of Building research claim it is five times more quake-resistant than conventional buildings. Every bit of this towering hotel exceeds expectations on all accounts.

Homeshell: London, England 

Homeshell, like the Heijmans ONE project, was built in a single day. However, this three-storey house, created by Richard Rogers, has been developed to address the increasing housing problem in the UK. Assembled in the courtyard of London’s Royal Academy, the home showcases a faster, energy-efficient, low-cost home that only takes 24-hours to erect.

The Homeshell project aims to prove that these homes could have a massive impact on the UK by minimising energy costs and alleviating poverty, with up to a 90% reduction in utility bills. It’s a big claim to make, but the home is certainly making its mark and affecting people across the UK.

Instacon: Mohali, India 

We now travel to Mohali, India to discover the 10-storey Instacon which was built by Indian architects in just 48 hours, setting a world record. The construction of this building was a massive undertaking for all involved as it covered a total area of 270,000 square feet and was built by hundreds of workers, in addition to 200 technicians and 24 engineers.

Under project manager Harpal Singh, Instacon was completed in 48 hours, thanks to the round-the-clock work of labourers to help meet the deadline. Thankfully, the company had arranged that 80-90% of the work would be completed in a factory under a controlled environment. This allowed the only onsite work to be installation, reducing environmental impact and increasing the speed of construction. Impressively, Instacon meets standard building requirements and the steel the company used is sustainable, recyclable and non-toxic. The building can withstand high intensity earthquakes and is proof that it is possible to construct an eco-friendly, safe and sustainable structure. Hopefully, this will inspire many more speedy and green projects in India.

Final Words 

I hope you have found this list interesting. While writing it, I was fascinated with the speed of these projects and impressed with the high-level of workmanship and skill that went into getting these structures off the ground. What these constructions have taught me is that you should have high-quality tools and a lot of them. If you’re looking for tools for your next building project, MTeevan Hire Ltd are the tool hire company for you. Although we haven’t built a building in under a week, we have years of experience, craftsmanship and knowledge which we would be happy to share with you. Simply give us a call today for more information!