Top Tools to Rent, Not Buy!

We provide a rental service tailored to your exact requirements. We stock hundreds of tools to help you complete jobs and projects to exceptionally high standards.

At Mteevanhire, we know the complications and issues surrounding what to buy and what to rent. So, with that in mind, we’ve compiled a short list of the types of machinery you should definitely rent and not buy.

Renting certain tools offers a cost-effective solution to your construction needs.

Below, we have detailed some of the best tools to rent and not buy to help you make a decision that will save you time, effort and money. Alternatively, click here to book your tools online.

Post Hole Digger

post digger rentOpting to rent a power auger the next time you find yourself fitting a fence or building some decking is a far cheaper way to see your project completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. As opposed to spending a large amount of money on an item you’ll only need for this one job, why wouldn’t you rent?

You’ll be able to all the holes you need within a day, if that, and at Mteevanhire, our staff will be able to direct you as to which post hole digger will best suit your project.


Unless you’re someone who gardens every single day, or has a project that’s going to span over many years, you simply don’t need to invest in these otherwise very expensive machines. So, this is definitely one for the rent list, otherwise you’ll end up having a large and incredibly expensive piece of equipment just sitting in your garage.

Saw Blades (Diamond)

saw blade rent toolThese might seem an odd choice, but when you think about it, these can become incredibly expensive, and you might only need one and not a set! (which they usually come in).

I personally believe that diamond blades have varying quality differences, the cheap ones may last you a week (depending on what you’re cutting), and these essentially become nothing more than throw-away blades. These cheap blades are not ideal, as, they’re prone to snapping and generally not cutting very well. You might as well hire some top-quality blades for a fraction of the price and with that, you’ll find your project will come along far quicker.

In short, you don’t want to be spending a small fortune on something that you can rent for a fraction of the price.

Hardwood-Flooring Tools

hardwood tool rent The most common tools for the avid DIY expert. DIY enthusiasts aren’t going to want to spend hundreds of pounds on tools that they may not need to use again (at least for some time).

Mteevanhire has all the necessary tools for your DIY needs, and you can rent them as and when you please. We understand that certain projects require tools at separate times, and our prices match these concerns.

Tile Saw

tile saw rent Again, one of the more uncommon tools to buy. Though you might argue that you can now buy tile saws for around £40, and you can, but they’re usually a bit naff and they have limited capabilities.

These cheaper saws are designed for ceramic and porcelain tiles, so if you’re looking to cut marble or thick tiles, you may struggle. At Mteevanhire, we have a vast array of saws for every job imaginable, just have a look here to scan our collection.

And there you have it! These were my five essential tools to rent and not buy. Again, this all depends on the scope of your project and what tools you already have at your disposal. Just remember to be wise and money-efficient when selecting what you do and don’t need to keep forever!

Are there any tools that you’ve regretted buying? Maybe you have some recommendations for other DIY fanatics? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!