MakitaThe Best Makita Tools We Hire

Here at Mteevan Hire, we are proud to provide our customers with top-quality tool brands to help get the job done. Makita is an excellent tool hire brand that has served our customers well over the years. Constantly updating their products to cater to the needs of our customers, Makita tools are reliable for a wide variety of jobs and we are proud to stock many of these durable tools.

We Provide Tools for the Following:

  • Access and support
  • Breaker hire
  • Concrete and compaction
  • Cutting, grinding, and wood-working
  • Decorating and cleaning
  • Drill hire
  • Fixing and fastening
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Groundworks
  • Heating, Cooling, and Drying
  • Lift and shift
  • Lighting and power welding
  • Mixer hire
  • Plumbing and pumping

We also hire out diggers, dumpers, forklifts and telehandlers, rollers, and skidsteers.

Whatever you need for your project, here at Mteevan Hire, we can provide it. And if we don’t stock it, we will find it so that you don’t have to.

What You Need to Know About the Makita Brand

The Makita Brand is a construction corporation that was founded in 1915. Makita is one of the most widely-respected and high-quality construction companies in the world. Here at Mteevan Hire, we are proud to provide our customers with a variety of Makita tool and plant hire options, because we know these products are long-lasting, high-quality, and reliable.

What’s more, Makita’s tools are shock-resistant and come with a variety of useful accessories, to help you get the job done to an exceptionally high standard.

Makita are always one step ahead of the construction industry and work hard to continuously adapt, upgrade, and improve their tools to ensure their customers are always getting the best of the best.

Below are some of the Makita tools we are proud to hire out to our customers, here at Mteevan Hire.

Makita HM 110-240v Breaker

If you’re looking for a quality breaker that helps you get the job done, we’ve got you covered. The Makita HM 110-240v breaker is incredibly effective for a variety of projects and a good choice for those looking for something easy to use, with room for a little more maneuverability than other tools.

This breaker is a very comfortable tool to work with. It does not recoil, reducing the likelihood of strain or harshness on your body, by staying in place at all times. The other features of the Makita breaker are as follows:

  • Stabiliser
  • A service reminder light
  • Soft-grip handles.

If you would like to hire the Makita breaker for your project, call our team at Mteevan Hire today and we can sort that out for you.

The Makita Right Angle Drill

Drills are needed for a variety of projects and the Makita Right Angle Drill is specially designed to help you target and maneuver round those awkward corners. Fitted with both high and low gears, this drill is ideal for drilling into hard materials such as metals and hardwood.

The Makita Right Angle Drill includes a built-in lock-on button that ensures you can drill at a locked speed. What’s more, the 13mm keyless chuck and D-shaped handle allow for stability and control like no other drill.

If you would like to hire the Makita drill, call our team today and we can ensure you have it for your next project.

The Makita DA4000 LR

Standing apart from the rest of the drills, the DA4000 has a drill head that is able to rotate to any angle – making it ideal for those tricky projects. This versatile drill also prevents you from damaging the head of more traditional drills and preventing them from breaking.

For ease of use, the DA4000 is available with enhanced gears for heavier, industrial use that is complemented by a soft grip handle that allows for comfortable and controlled handling. Call us today to hire the Makita drill and complete your project to the highest standard possible!

Makita Work Hard to Constantly Improve

Makita continues to provide fantastic products and services that are beneficial for people working on both domestic and large construction projects. What’s more, Makita has been working hard on improving the environmental impact of their services. And ensuring they have a sustainable system in place, such as long-life lithium-ion batteries, reducing CO2 emissions, and saving energy. Makita has an impressive reputation for developing products that are friendly towards both users and the environment.

Makita is the Brand for You – Contact Us for Tool Hire

If you need to hire tools, Makita is the brand for you. Here at Mteevan Hire, we are proud to stock Makita products for our customers, providing the best tool and plant hire for you to get the job done. Whether you need an electric drill to install some new cabinets, or you need a heavy-duty digger to get a construction site ready for drain installation, we have the Makita tools for you. Get hiring what you need today! And if we don’t have it in stock, we can find it for you!