The 7 Essential Construction Tools You’ll Need for 2017

As we go into the new year, you may be looking to brush up on your old power tools.

Maybe you feel that your angle grinder for 1992 isn’t cutting cutting it anymore, or your hacksaw could do with battery powered upgrade. Whatever the reason, Mteevanhire have comprised a list of the top 10 essential construction tools that you’ll need for 2017.

The Best Power Saw

Dewalt D28715

Price £165

Vise Capacity: 9 3/8”

Tube-cut Time: 11.14 seconds

Pros: This was the only saw that allowed tool-free blade change and it incorporates a vertical spring behind its head, making it easier to operate and move.

Cons: A 6-foot power cord simply isn’t long enough to stretch across some workbenches. An extension cord will be needed in order to maximise its efficiency.

The Best Nail Gun

Senco F-15 FN65DA

Price: £288

Weight: 6.6lbs

Nails Per Charge: 638

Pros: A very fire-rate and constant nail-driving performance in almost any material, was the defining factor which gave Senc our first placed seal of approval. It perfectly executed nails into the desired areas with ease and without hassle. Its also very light and nimble, making it even easier to utilise.

Cons: There wasn’t much wrong with this bit of kit. however, although it’s easy to turn the depth-adjustment dial, it can sometimes be difficult to read. Glasses are a must!

The Best Volt Driver

Bosch PS41

Price £100

Weight: 2.14lbs

Lags: 167

Likes: The stubby size and hold is something we really enjoyed. We were also pleasantly surprised by its smooth and solid driving performance, considering its size. Its three LED lights also come in very hand if you’re driving somewhere dark.

Dislikes: Arguably, this could use a two-speed selector switch and a push-to-lock chuck that operates with one hand.

The Best Power Plane

Bosch 1594K

Price: $125

Amperage 6.5

Planing Width: 3/14”

Max Depth of Cut: 3/32”

Pros: Bosch’s tools excels on all fronts. It had power to spare and applies it with precision. It leaves an incredibly smooth, glass-like finish and planes without vibration. It’s also worth mentioning that its tungsten-carbide knives stay sharp even through tough cutting. A 10ft long cord also makes for easy manouverability.

Cons: We’d like some more grip on the handle!

The Best Drill Press

Grizzly G7943

Price $245

Amps: 9

Horsepower: 3/4

Swing: 14 inches:

Steel-drilling time: 7 seconds

Pros: As the time trial indicates, this powerful machine makes light work out of wood and metal. People have also been able to drill through 3/4” thick steel. With a large motor powering the Grizzly, it doesn’t struggle. It’s also very user-friendly in that it comes with an adjustable eye guard, large rubber handles and generally being very easy to use.

Cons: The only con is that the Grizzly needs onboard chuck-key storage.

The Best Hacksaw

Lenox 12132-HT50

Price £20

Weight: 1.8lb

Likes: There’s not much to say about this hacksaw, it does everything you want it to do. It’s rigid, straight-cutting saw easily cuts through materials and it comes with a good line of sight over its frame. It’s comfortable to use and the handle is very well formed.

Dislikes: None!

The Best Pressure Washer

Homelite UT80432

Price: £330

PSI/GPM: 3100

Engine: 187 cc

Pros: The Homelite was our number one choice due to its powerful cleaning powers and cleaning unit efficiency. Machines with high cleaning units usually have a large engine and a rugged pump. This is a no-nonsense machine, it can take a good amount of punishment and general wear-and-tear. With a very flexible spray hose, power washing has never been easier.

Cons: You will have to tip the machine forward to reach the hose inlet.