Concrete cores completed on world’s tallest modular buildings

tool hire news decemberWork has been completed on the concrete cores for the two tallest modular buildings in the world.

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3D-Concrete-Printing Smart Housing for Smart Cities in The Netherlands

The wtool hire news decemberorld population is expected to reach 9.8 billion people by 2050 , according to the United Nations. Most of the population, 70 percent, is going to live in urban areas.

Currently, over 700 cities around the world are actively working in their smart city projects as we saw during the recent Smart City Congress in Barcelona.

In July, a French family moved into the world’s first 3D-printed house. It was a project made by the University of Nantes which took only 54 hours to print. The house was estimated to be 20 percent less expensive than a traditional construction.

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How contech is taking construction into the future

tool hire news decemberThe story of is well known. Few sectors from transportation to banking have been left untouched by cutting-edge digital solutions, but the construction industry has been slow to embrace transformative technologies, until now.

Contech, or construction technology, startups are beginning to change the industry and are making investors take note.

According to a recent report by commercial real estate firm JLL, contech firms received $1.05 billion in investment from venture capitalists in the first six months of 2018, 30 per cent up on the total raised in 2017.

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The Future of Construction?

tool hire news decemberThe construction industry is suffering from a skills shortage, slim margins and low productivity, but help is at hand in the form of new technologies and innovative materials.

The Future of Construction special report, published in The Times, explores how building information modelling, or BIM, can tackle short-termism, how contech startups help firms transform to digital processes and seven of the biggest innovations changing the sector.

It covers the threat posed by organised crime and the sustainability offered by buildings constructed as material banks.

Also featured is an infographic showing the relationship between immigration and non-UK skilled labour, and comment on variations in the regulation of commercial and residential properties.

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