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Traditionally, breaking up an old concrete path or replacing your driveway with a new one would involve a sledge hammer, a few other tools, and nerves of steel. Thankfully, technology has developed significantly since and there is now a wide range of pneumatic drillsto suit any job, big or small. So, if you’re a DIY’er or you work in the trades and you need to break up concrete, Kango hire could be just what you need to make the job easier.


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What is a Kango Hammer?

The Kango Hammer is a pneumatic drill that combines a hammer with a chisel to help break up concrete, flooring, paving slabs, and so much more. Hiring a Kango hammer from us allows you to enjoy breakers with an excellent vibration and absorption reduction system that helps reduce operator fatigue. Other features of our pneumatic drills include light, soft-grip handles for comfortable use so that you can get your project done with ease.

The Kango Hammer is Convenient

Over the years, tool technology development has drastically improved and breaking up concrete is now made easy, safe, and convenient with the Kango Hammer (otherwise known as a heavy-duty breaker, jack hammer, demolition hammer, or concrete breaker).

Chisels Suited to Each Project

Hiring a Kango is just part of the job, you have to make sure you have the right chisel attachment. Depending on the material you are breaking up and removing, you will require a different Kango chisel attachment. There are a number of breaker chisels to choose from, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. So, we thought we’d list the most common chisel types:

The Pointed Breaker Chisel

Also known as a Moil Chisel, this attachment is pointed, tapering down to a point, making it ideal for breaking up stone and rock. The Pointed Breaker Chisel is available four-sided on its own or with the addition of dust grooves.

The Blunt Breaker Chisel

As the name suggests, this chisel is blunt. So, instead of tapering down into a point or a space, the Blunt Breaker Chisel stops with a flat end. The purpose of this flat end is for demolishing large rocks and slabs by crushing them into much smaller pieces so they can be easily removed.

The Wide Demolition Chisel

This chisel type if ideal for breaking up concrete and mortar. Using its wide flat edge that tapers down into a flat point, the Wide Demolition Chisel helps get the job done.

Flat Breaker Chisel

Similar in appearance to the wide chisel mentioned above, the Flat Breaker Chisel tapers down to a flat edge. However, generally the flat edge itself is only as wide as the chisel’s shaft, making it an ideal attachment for cutting and shaping rock or breaking up and splitting concrete slabs.

Chisel Attachments May Not be Interchangeable

One important point to note about the chisel attachments is that every manufacturer has their own fitments. This means that you can generally only use chisels made to fit their models. Therefore, in most cases chisel attachments and models are not interchangeable.

Health and Safety when Using Kango Hammers

Pneumatic drills of any sort can cause health and safety concerns, especially when used regularly and for long periods of time. As with most powertools, Kango hammers can be dangerous and cause serious injury if they are not used property or safety is not taken into consideration. Therefore, regardless of Kango hammer size, it is important to ensure you are wearing the correct safety equipment and using the drill correctly and carefully at all times.

Full Safety Mask: When using a Kango drill it is essential you wear protective goggles because shards of concrete will go flying off in all directions and can cause serious injury if you’re not wearing protective gear.

Use a Dust Mask: This point does depend on the type of material you are demolishing. However, some materials can cause a huge amount of dust to be thrown into the air that covers everything in its path. This can be very damaging to your lungs, so it is important to use a dust mask at all times during drilling to avoid any health problems.

Steel Capped Safety Boots: Safety boots that feature steel toe caps are incredibly important for any construction work you are carrying out, whether professional or simply at home. The steel caps prevent any broken bones by protecting your feet from falling objects.

Hard-wearing Gloves: Tough hard-wearing gloves are extremely important for any construction work, but particularly when you’re using a Kango drill. Hard-wearing gloves don’t just provide you with good grip, they also help protect your hands from damage as you work.

Ear Defenders: Kango hammers and drills are very loud to use and working in close proximity to them for long periods of time can significantly affect your hearing. Prevent hearing loss by wearing ear defenders whenever using a Kango drill.

Take Regular Breaks: Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is a very real problem and is a condition caused by using vibration tools for long periods of time. HAVS can cause neurological damage to your nerves and blood vessels, in addition to musculoskeletal injuries. Long-term exposure raises the likelihood of this. However, you can protect yourself from any long-term or serious injuries by taking regular breaks.

Always Take Safety Seriously

When it comes to safety gear, we know it can be a real pain to wear everything the experts suggest. However, safety gear plays an integral role in minimising any potential health effects and keeping your safe from injury. So, it is important you do not attempt to cut corners.

Are You Looking for Kango Drill Hire in London?

We are always looking to help people in London with their tool hire needs. That’s why we’ve dedicated the last 30 years to ensuring our tool hire business in London is second to none, providing all the tools needed to complete construction projects of every size and requirement. If you’re looking for Kango drill hire in London, you’ve come to the right place. We hire a wide range of Kango drills and breakers to all our customers.

Help and Advice Using Our Tools

Many of our customers looking to hire tools for construction jobs have never used breakers or pneumatic drills before. That’s why we have a team of specialists available to give advice and answer questions about how to use our tools. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and that’s why we always tell you how to use the Kango drill before you get on with your project. If we’re able to supply quality tools that our customers can use and a happy with, then we’ve done our job.

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