How Can Our Groundworkers Help You?

Are you about to start a large construction project that is simply not possible to complete on your own? Well, our team of groundworkers here at Mteevan Hire are here to help! We hire out fully trained professionals who are reliable experts, competent, and fully qualified.

Who are We and Why Do You Need Our Services?


We are Mteevan Hire, a professional tool-hire construction company based in London. We provide all the tools and machinery everyone needs to complete their construction projects to an extremely high standard and, perhaps most importantly, on time!

However, we don’t just provide the tools you need to get everything sorted, we can also provide the help and services you need to complete your project to the desired standard. If you’ve never considered help with your projects before, take a moment to consider just how beneficial our groundworker services could be for you.

We Provide the Help You Need

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Here at Mteevan we have a very on-hands approach when it comes to the needs of our customers. We don’t believe that small team numbers should limit the potential of your project, and that’s why we strive to provide those extra groundworkers you need to complete the task.

The Benefits of Our Groundworker Services

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If you work in construction and you have a really big project coming up, there are numerous ways you can benefit from our groundworker services, including:

– The ability to cut expenses
– Helping complete projects on time
– The flexibility to deal with small issues before they develop on-site
– Helps ensure the health and safety of everyone involved (as the project is supported by experienced professionals).

Our Groundworkers Leave no Stone Unturned

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One of the significant benefits of our groundworkers is that they are seasoned professionals and leave no stone unturned. A thorough approach is so important when it comes to construction projects and that’s why our professionals are so helpful. Our groundworkers give you the extra pair of hands you need to apply that extra level of attention to detail. This means that no stone is left unturned and it helps complete your project in a thorough and detailed way.

What Do Groundworkers Do?

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Groundworkers are professional members of construction staff who prepare a building site prior to building. The main duties of groundworkers are to redirect waterways, remove sewage, concrete the site, lay kerbs and flagstones, and so much more! Groundworking is one of the most important first jobs that have to be completed before the rest of the project can be completed. They are essential to any construction project and with our groundworker services, you can accelerate your project and get it finished to an exceptionally high standard.

Our Groundworkers Have Their Own Tools

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Another way our groundworkers can help you is that they bring their own tools so that you don’t need to worry about supplying everything they need. Our groundworkers will turn up on site with all their own hand tools, shovels, hammers, safety clothes, and everything else required to get the job done.

Our Groundworkers are Skilled and Experienced

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The groundworkers we supply are experts in dealing with construction tasks and they are confident and decisive in the quality of their own work. Working as a groundworker is an exceptionally demanding job physically, so high levels of physical fitness are extremely important to ensure all workers are kept safe to ensure a well-functioning site that is also safe and secure.

All our ground workers are also effective and skilled communicators. They are alert to any possible dangers or risks on the site and are able to tell their teammates of impending risks to help keep everyone supported and healthy while on the job.

Call Our Team at Mteevan Hire Ltd

If you would like to hire our groundworkers to help complete your project, please do not hesitate to call our team at Mteevan Hire Ltd today. We would be more than happy to assist you in your project, provide you with the services you need, and even supply the tool hire services required to get the job done. Find out more by visiting our website today for more information.