Garden Shredder Hire in London

Garden shredders are an especially popular tool to hire in London – particularly during the summer months. Taking your garden rubbish to the tip can be a real time-consuming struggle and now that local councils charge for garden waste collection, people are searching for alternative methods. That’s where the garden shredder comes into its own!  

Garden shredders are the most useful tool for shredding garden waste, saving people a lot of time and money in the process. Using a garden shredder in either a domestic or commercial area can be a huge time saver and is a great way of disposing of garden waste easily and cost-efficiently.  

Looking for a Garden Shredder Hire Service in London?

If you are looking for a garden shredder to hire in London, look no further than Mteevan. We hire out garden shredders to our customers every week. At Mteevan we are always looking for opportunities to help our customers with their various projects and supplying garden shredders is one of the ways we do this.  

As a family-run business, we are proud to provide tools to our customers throughout London. Thanks to our loyal customers, we have been able to thrive as a business over many years. So, if you are looking for a garden shredder hire service, Mteevan are here for you.  

Our Garden Shredder Hire Services in London

Shredding and chipping trees is a great way to reduce garden waste – which is especially helpful for customers in London, where space is often limited. One of our main priorities here at Mteevan is providing excellent tool hire services, but also making the lives of our customers easier with the latest top-quality tools available for hire with ease. Even if you’ve never used a garden shredder before, our team at Mteevan will provide you with all the information you need to get the job done with ease.  

Mteevan are London’s Trusted Tool Hire Company and Here’s Why

Here at Mteevan, we are passionate about providing the best tool hire services for our customers in London. Every time our hired tools are returned to us, they are sent through a thorough inspection process where our staff inspect them for any faults or damages, before cleaning and repairing them (if necessary) before putting them back on the shelves.  

Our attention to detail at Mteevan is what makes us stand out as a tool hire company. We always hire tools that are in quality condition so they can perform to the very highest standard. At Mteevan, you don’t just hire tools that are quality but you also pay competitive prices for them!  

Our Garden Shredder Hire Options

Our garden shredders are easy to use and extremely reliable, reducing all the wood and garden waste into wood chips or sawdust (whatever you prefer). Easily transported and a quick source of compost, our garden shredders serve multiple purposes and are ideal for both domestic and commercial jobs.  

Our London hire rates:  

  • One Week: £40.00  
  • One Day: £20.00  
  • Two Days: £28.00  
  • Three Days: £36.00  
  • Weekend Hire: £28.00  

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