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Tool hire ChiswickOur team at Mteevan Hire Ltd, offer numerous tool hiring services throughout London and the Chiswick area and are gaining a reputation as one of the best tool hiring services in the area. We offer a varied and high-quality range of tools that are bound to suit your requirements. With over 1,000 to choose from – we have everything you need for your project in Chiswick. Our certified staff are always on hand to give advice or answer any questions you may have.

What Tool Hire Services Mteeven Hire Ltd Offer in Chiswick

Here at Mteevan Hire Ltd, we offer one of the most reliable and professional tool hire services in Chiswick and our business is thriving. Over the years, we have served customers throughout the Chiswick area successfully and they have given us as recommendations to their contacts. Whether you require tools for commercial or industrial projects or whether you are simply needing a few tools to hire for a household job, Mteevan Hire Ltd have all the tools you need.

Our Guarantees

We can guarantee a higher level of service, professionalism and expertise than our competitors and we know that our customers are happy with our service due to their positive feedback. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority which is why we always seek to serve the customer serve and ensure that you are fully happy and feel like you have been thoroughly taught how to use the tools you have hired. Our team work tirelessly to offer our customers the best service we can. We believe in being fast, professional and efficient so that our customers in Chiswick receive the service they expect.

Chiswick’s History

Chiswick is a district of West London, England. Most of it is in the London Borough of Hounslow. Other parts of the W4 postcode area, including Chiswick Park tube station, Acton Green, and much of Bedford Park are in the London Borough of Ealing. Chiswick was first recorded in c.1000 as the ‘Cheese Farm’ due to the riverside area of Duke’s Meadow which is thought to have supported an annual cheese fair up until the 18th century.

Having good communications with London for many years, Chiswick became popular as a country retreat. Due to its popularity as a retreat, the population grew and the area attracted many more visitors adding to the success of small businesses.

During the 19th century the population of Chiswick grew almost tenfold, reaching 29,809 in 1901, and the area became a mixture of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian housing, much of which can still be admired today.

World War II

During the Second World War, Chiswick was bombed repeatedly and the falling shells caused irreparable damage. To remember those who sadly lost their lives, there is a War Memorial at the east end of Turnham Green.

Chiswick’s Historical Houses

Chiswick is home to a number of stunning historical houses such as Hogarth’s House, the former residence of the 18th-century English artist William Hogarth; Chiswick House, regarded as one of the finest houses in England and Fuller’s Brewery, London’s largest and oldest brewery.

Colin Firth

For all your lovers of Colin Firth, Chiswick is home to his stunning home design store which stocks a range of artisan-made, ethical and fair trade goods. Who knew Colin Firth owned a home design store!? The shelves are filled with a number of purchasable goods that are all environmentally-friendly and beautiful. Colin Firth is taking it back to basics with this store and, if you are in the area, it is definitely worth popping in for a snoop around.


Here at Mteevan Hire Ltd, we have been in business for 30 years and our high level of experience speaks for itself. It is our passion for business and top-quality service that drives our dedication to our company and motivates us to keep improving. We know how to help each other and we are confident that we know how to help you, too. Whatever your tool hire requirements, give us a call today and discuss them with us.