Plant Hire Ealing

Mteevan Hire Ltd are here for all your plant hire needs. From excavators, rollers and dumpers to forklifts and skid steers, here at Mteevan Hire we provide the complete tool and plant hire solution for all your plant hire needs. As a company, we are highly dedicated to our customers in Ealing and are devoted to providing all plant hire solutions our customers require. We care about the projects that are being completed in Ealing and we are always available to offer our advice, expertise and to ensure that our customers in Ealing know how to properly use the equipment they have hired out. Customer satisfaction is, and always will be, our top priority.

Diggers Ealing 

We have a wide range of diggers to suit any projects.

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Dumpers in Ealing 

We have a wide range of dumpers to suit any projects.

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Excavators Ealing 

We have a wide range of excavators to suit any projects.

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Forklifts and Telehandlers in Ealing 

We have a wide range of Forklifts and Telehandlers to suit any projects.

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Rollers in Ealing 

We have garden rollers for hire.

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Skidsteers in Ealing 

We have skidsteers for hire.

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Mteevan Hire: For all your plant hire services in Ealing and the surrounding areas

We know that companies can’t always afford to buy construction tools and equipment straight up. Perhaps you have just started a company and you don’t have the funds to purchase all the necessary equipment, or perhaps you know that your company doesn’t need all the equipment all of the time. Whatever your requirements, we can offer you the support you need in completing your jobs. At Mteevan Hire Ltd, we are offering plant hire for you and your business. We are a family business and we believe that helping others is what we do best.

We pride ourselves on excellent services, great support for our customers in Ealing and an extremely high-standard of our tools and equipment. So, to cut a long story short, if you are in need of good service tools – Mteevan Hire Ltd has the solution for hire in Ealing!

Ealing’s History

Ealing is a beautiful district of West London, England. Historically, Ealing was a rural village in the county of Middlesex and formed an ancient parish. Improvements in London culminated in the opening of a railway station in 1838 which drastically increased Ealing’s population. As the population grew, much of Ealing was rebuilt with a lot of semi-detached housing designed for the rising middle-class. Improvements in transport allowed people to travel with ease and this ease of commuting led to an increase in available job opportunities. It was during the 19th century, with all of the improvements in transport, that Ealing officially became a town.

Things to do in Ealing

Ealing is host to a variety of festivals which attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. For those more interested in the historic side of Ealing, the town offers up a vast and interesting history for its visitors to explore. Home to some of Europe’s most architecturally stunning buildings, visitors can learn about the history and stories kept inside their walls. You can also spend time exploring the beautiful parks or wandering around its leading art venues.

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If you live and work in Ealing and you are looking for plant hire services in the area, Mteevan Hire Ltd are the company for you. We will provide you with all your plant hire needs. And, if we can’t, we will recommend someone who can. So, give us a call today and discuss your plant hire requirements with us, we would be more than happy to help!