Strongboy Props

When carrying out a building project, it is important to know that the hired equipment you are using is of the highest quality, in order to ensure the highest quality end result of your project. As such, it is vital that you use a professional hire service that you know you can trust. At M. Teevan Hire, we know that we can provide exactly what our clients need, including our range of strongboy props, and we do everything we can to maintain our reputation as one of the ranking tool hire firms on the London market.

We understand that you want to keep yourself and your team as safe as possible while working, and to secure your project when it is being worked on. That is why it is often necessary to keep structures such as brickwork propped up, to prevent them from collapsing while building work is being carried out. To help our clients with this, we can offer strongboy prop hire.

If you are working on a project in London and you need to hold up a wall, window or door frame, get in touch with us today and hire out some of our strongboy wall supports.

Strongboy Props
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Strongboy Prop Hire in London

You will always find a wide range of tools, plant and other equipment for hire if you choose to use our service. Everything we loan is state-of-the-art and kept in top condition to help you get your job done, no matter what that involves. This includes our range of strongboy props, which can act as masonry support for when you are carrying out work and need to support the weight of a wall, or a frame for a door or window. 

We will be happy to loan you as many of our props as you need, so you can get your work completed as soon as you have them. Contact us and we will send the equipment to your site. If you have any questions about our strongboy wall prop hires before you order them, you can also ask any member of our staff ‒ they are all trained and qualified, and will be able to provide expert answers about our leased products.

Our Provided Strongboys

The steel props we will loan you are perfect for supporting masonry when you are installing RSJ’s, fitting lintels or other types of beams in a load bearing wall, if you are breaking out single or double skinned walls, or if you are installing new windows or doors. They can also be used when brickwork is damaged or uneven, or if window headers are damaged. 

To find out more about our loaned strongboy props’ dimensions and to discuss how many you will need, get in touch with us today. We can provide you with more information and can help you work out how many props will be best for the work you are carrying out.

How to Use a Strongboy Prop

Before you begin using any of our hired tools or equipment, it is important that you have ensured the equipment you are using is suitable for the task you want carried out. This will involve identifying all loading that your hired strongboys will have to support before carrying out your work. Our strongboys should only be placed on a firm, flat surface that will be able to support the load.

Always wear protective gear when carrying out a task and if you have any questions about using the equipment or the nature of the structure you are working on, get in touch with us.

You should start your work with the props by marking the section of wall you wish to use them on. After this, scrape out the mortar or remove a brick before inserting the strongboy in the position you have marked out. The underside of the brick being supported should be clean and sit flat on the prop’s blade.

Hold the prop vertically upright near to where you intend to use it, and while holding the supporting web with your other hand, tilt the leading edge of the blade approximately 30°. It is important that you slide the rear end of the strongboy over the top plate of the prop, and hook the retaining bar at the rear end over the prop plate. The prop plate must be fully engaged behind the retaining bar before use.

Lower the leading edge of the blade until the web bracket is against the vertical tube of the plate. The blade of the strongboy should also be horizontal.

To check that the strongboy prop is placed correctly, pull the front edge of the blade downwards. If it is in place, it will not move and is now ready to manoeuvre into the position where it will be used. To do this, insert the blade into the space where you removed the mortar or brick. The blade should be at the same depth as the rear of the brick on the leaf of the wall that you are trying to support. If possible, the strongboy should be inserted until the tip of the web is nearly touching the wall.

Make sure the prop remains completely upright and tighten the collar until both the strongboy and the prop are attached to the wall and do not move. Do not tighten them too much, as it could damage the blade, brickwork, and could cause the blade and strongboy to slide out.

Strongboy Hire Costs

We know that your building project will have a set amount of money that you wish to keep to, so we aim to keep our prices as affordable for your budget as we possibly can. For one week’s use of our strongboys (the minimum amount of time you can hire them), you will only have to pay £6 for every one used.

Renting our props is a cost-effective solution when you are planning a build. As you are only renting, you will only be paying for the time that you need the equipment, lowering the cost when compared to buying the same item. You will also not have to extend your budget to securely storing the strongboys, maintaining or repairing them. We will take care of all those factors for you, as our hired equipment will be cleaned, repaired and serviced before they ever reach your site. We will also take them back again, once you are finished with them, leaving you more storage space and saving you time and money that would have been wasted in trying to sell them.

For more information about our hire costs, contact us.

Get Started on Your Building Project With Us

If you are looking for the sturdiest strongboys from a reliable, reputable hire firm, get in touch with M. Teevan Hire today. We are passionate about what we do and we want to offer the best service we can to our customers, so we’ll always have the tools you need on hand. 

To start your project, call us and we can discuss the strongboys you need to support your building work.