Power Tool Hire

power tool hire

When looking for the right tools to get your job done, you may often find that what you already have simply isn’t powerful enough to complete the work to the standard you want. In situations like this, your first step may be to look for cheap power tools that you can buy online. However, this may not always result in you getting the power tools you want. In order to ensure you are getting the product you want, in order to complete the project you are working on to the quality you expect, it is highly recommended that you look for tools to hire.

At M. Teevan Hire, we want your finished work project to be exactly the way you want it, in terms of quality, precision and how long it took for the work to be completed. That is why we aim to offer the highest quality performance power tools available in London and the surrounding areas. 

If you have been looking for equipment to hire in order to complete a project, take a look at our range of fixings and power tools to find what you want and call us today. Our expert team members will be able to help arrange your booking, as well as provide more information if you have any questions.

Our Power Tool Products for Hire

Power tools are tools which are powered and operated using power from an additional source and mechanism, and we stock a large range of them to help our customers carry out any work that they want done. Whether you are looking for plugged in or cordless power tools, we will have something for you. Simply browse through our range to find what you are looking for and get in touch with us today.

Our power tool products can be either petrol powered or electric and include:

We also have tools that are more than suitable for carrying out a number of other tasks. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you, or see our other pages for more information.

Air Powered Tool Hire

air scabbler triple

We can also supply a range of air powered tools for a number of different jobs, including scabblers for removing concrete and laitance and nailers and staplers for fixing in different parts of your project, using nails or staples. 

For more information about the air powered tools we have, please get in contact with us, or see our fixing and fastening page or our sanding and surfacing page. Our staff can help you find the right performance power tool for your task, and our pages will show you an example of what we can offer for any number of building projects.

Power Tools for Hire in London

When you choose us for your power tool products and needs, you will be making sure that your project is carried out smoothly and to the professional standards you expect. We only ever hire out the latest tools and equipment, which are all kept in top condition so they will be ready for use as soon as they are delivered to your site. The only thing you have to do is call us, talk to one of our team members about what you need and place your order.

We will be happy to help you select the right power tool for your work, no matter what you need carried out. Get in touch today and we can help get you one step closer to finishing your London-based project with our professional power tool hire service.

Why Choose Us?

power tool hire

We make sure to offer only the best when it comes to fixings and power tools, offering a selection of brands with excellent ratings and reputations for efficiency. To help keep them working to the standards you deserve, we will also clean, repair and maintain each of our performance power tools before they are hired out again and sent to your site, ensuring that you will receive the product you are expecting. This will help you get your work done to the highest standards possible, as you will have exactly the right equipment to carry out the task.

You will also be saving money in the long term, if you choose to hire from us. This is because you will be paying a reduced price to hire out the tools you need, rather than the full buying price, and this price will be based only on the time that you require them.

 You will also not have to pay for overall repair and maintenance to keep them running, or for extra security and storage when you no longer need them. Once you have finished the part of the project that requires our tools, we will simply take them back so you no longer have to worry about keeping them safe, or spending time trying to sell them on again.

Contact Us

power tool hire

If you have been looking for a wide range of the best power tool brands for hire in London and you want them from a name you know you can trust, get in touch with M. Teevan Hire today. We love what we do and we want to help you perfect your work project, so we aim to offer top quality, heavy duty tools and equipment that will get the job done. 

Call us today and one of our members of staff can help you find what you need, from cordless power tools and heavy power tool products, to air powered tools, before you place the order that will see your work go smoothly and swiftly.