The theft of equipment, tools and materials from construction sites in the UK is a problem that many businesses face. It can cost the industry millions of pounds every year, not only in the loss of equipment that needs replacing but the loss of productivity and contract delays, interim plant hire fees and potentially increased insurance costs too.

Whether you’ve been targeted by organised criminals or opportunist thieves who seize the chance to break into your site and grab what they can, you must take steps to secure your site and prevent theft from occurring.

How to keep a construction site secure

As important as security on construction sites is, it can be difficult to maintain as these places are by their very nature incredibly busy, with lots of coming and going, and various entry points to monitor at all times. This is where site security really comes into its own but, of course, this will add to the overall cost of the project, so you may want to consider other avenues first.

We have a look at some steps you can take to prevent your site from becoming a costly statistic.

1. Secure building materials properly

You must ensure valuable items on your construction site are kept secure. Aside from equipment, tools, and machinery, materials like copper represent lucrative opportunities for thieves – so don’t make it easy for them to find.

2. Check the perimeter

Putting equipment and materials away at the end of each day is a must, but also make sure that you check the perimeter fencing regularly and that you don’t store anything valuable within easy reach of thieves.

3. Invest in CCTV

Having a surveillance system installed on-site, such as CCTV and motion sensors, can help protect your construction site from, such as theft or vandalism. Even seeing signs suggesting that cameras are in place can act as a deterrent, so make sure everything is well signposted, as well.

5. Track your inventory

You need to know what materials and equipment you have on site, what’s in use, what’s been taken elsewhere and what’s coming in on deliveries, so you know immediately if something is missing.

Don’t forget that construction sites are often targeted more than once before the project in question comes to an end, so don’t rest on your laurels where security is concerned. There is a lot you can do to protect your site, which will prevent further hassle later down the line.
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